Jane's Story

Long before ‘clean beauty’ became a buzz word, Jane Iredale saw first-hand how conventional makeup undermined skin health and set out to make a change.

As a casting director and producer, Jane worked closely with actors struggling with problem skin exacerbated by heavy stage makeup and wondered, “Why can’t makeup be good for the skin?” With a single product, she revolutionized the beauty industry.

Formulated with nourishing and protective ingredients like Pomegranate and Algae Extracts, Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder was immediately embraced by skin professionals. Dermatologists and plastics surgeons praised its ability to soothe, cover and protect, and patients loved that it didn’t feel like makeup. Free of known irritants and, perhaps more importantly, carefully crafted with skin-boosting ingredients, Amazing Base helped restore and protect skin without sacrificing performance.

Today, The Skincare Makeup boasts dozens of skin-loving beauty solutions for all skin types and remains headquartered in rural Massachusetts, surrounded by the organic farms and gardens that feed Jane’s spirit and her work. We continue to be guided by the simple premise that makeup should look good, feel good and be good for the skin.

So, if you’ve ever asked the question, “Why can’t makeup be good for the skin?” The answer is simple. With jane iredale, it can.

"My goal is to make products that look good,feel
good and are good for the skin."

A jot from Jane

Get comfortable with yourself. Do nice things for your body like eating well and taking supplements. When you feel good, you look good. It’s as simple as that.

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Jane’s gardening tip

This year, we discovered salt hay mulch. It stops the weeds, improves the quality of the soil and keeps it moist, smells wonderful and looks pretty. You should see our raspberries!

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